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Alcoholics Anonymous welcomes all visitors from Indonesia and around the world. The AA Fellowship in many areas of Indonesia is small and does not have sufficient members to hold regularly scheduled meetings. We call the AA members in these areas Loners.

If you are an AA Loner or Internationalist and want more information about the Loners-Internationalists Correspondence Service provided the AA New York General Service Office in New York, please click here.

At he present time, our Loners schedule meetings for people in the area who need assistance and want to meet. Some of our Loners have years of sobriety, many of them are newcomers with less than one year, and some of them are struggling back from relapses. They are a group just like any other AA group - but without the benefit of regular AA meetings and without routine contact with other members of the Fellowship.

If you live in one of the areas below and need help regarding alcohol, please contact our AA member in the area via email.

If you are an AA member and are traveling into one of our Loner’s areas, please contact them directly via email by submitting the form below and make an arrangement to meet with them if your schedule permits. Whether you are a newcomer or an old timer, sharing your experience, strength and hope will make a difference in the Loner's recovery, as well as your own.

Please email a Loner in the area you are traveling to, and they will ensure that a meeting or meetings are held on a day and time that fit both of your needs.

Bandung: 0813 9468 4046
Surabaya: 0812 3029 444 or 0811 307 594
Sumatra: 0813 6538 9081
Please select a location and submit the form below. email
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